Startup consulting


Startup Consulting

Getting started with startup business can be a daunting task, as there are many unidentified factors for entrepreneur to consider. These unknown factors can cause hindrance and not allow moving forward. This is where you need experienced startup consultants, who can help at every stage of your startup journey and drive your business. Digituned has dedicated startup teams comprising of thought leaders, strategists, mentors and analysts with 40 years of management experience.

It is always advisable to take professional startup consulting services and support for a stress-free business. Our CEO and other seniors work directly with clients with full ownership, help to find critical issues and provide the right solutions.


Our startup consulting methodology

We have our own methodology, which we have learned from our previous experience. Our methodology is lean, friendly and result-driven. We leverage wide range of tools and software especially for startup engagement. We follow simple methodology as this:

We listen

We listen about your business background, customers’ problem, and the goal you want to achieve. Also we try to learn about your work culture, team, decision making, and measuring success and failure.

Developing a plan

Based on first level of discussion, we develop a customized plan, which is time-tested and ready to confront challenges. We visualize your long-term goal and develop strategies. Our customized strategies are measurable and easy to implement.

Business launch

We make your business agile and ready to adapt any changes. Before you launch your business, we try to capitalize the opportunities by identifying customer value, lessen the risk and flourish in the future.

Our startup consulting services

Strategy and planning
Business model development
Customer acquisition
Business growth
Process improvement
Choosing right vendor
Resource development
Connecting angel investor
Overseas business expansions

Partner with us for a better future

To experience a long-term startup success, you need to stay agile and competitive. You can achieve this by aligning your business process, technology, and resources. Our aim is to see you flourishing, creating new opportunities and beating all odds.
We offer unique startup solutions that combine business insights, entrepreneurial experience, and meaningful solutions. We also help you discovering your business criticality, get them fixed for a better ROI. Our startup consulting services are available to India, US, UK, Europe, UAE, and Asia.

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