Product development consulting


Product development consulting

To be a successful startup, you need to develop innovative products that can stay competitive and add superior values to customer. We understand that creating a new product is a thrilling experience, but at the same time a challenging one. Product development includes a series of activities including idea assessment, business feasibility, development, cost analysis, risk assessment, quality, certification, compliance, promotion and resource allocation. However, some aspects of the product development – from ideation to execution, your competency level may not match the need. This is where Digituned helps.

We approach the complexity of product development by applying professional project management to your new product initiative. We develop an innovative framework that will allow you to transform your ideas into products and bring them to market faster. With a diligent product development roadmap, your organization will respond quickly and effectively to market trends. With our product development consulting capabilities, we can help startups, who are missing their goal, lacking momentum and aggravating risks.

Our product development consulting service

Assessing existing product development system
Identifying product lifecycle and growth value
Evaluating product effectiveness
Assessing technical feasibility
Resource development

Our solutions

Provide actionable strategic guidance that makes your product stand out

Deploying dedicated team for product development for better collaboration

Providing in-house team to track deadline

How we will help you

Together, we can work as a strategic business partnership from scratch to finish even marketing strategy to management. For entire product development journey, we leverage tools, technologies and tactical approaches to face the challenges.
If you have any product ideas in your mind, that is unique and motivating, but you are not sure whether your idea is viable, our product development consultants will do a thorough assessment and give you a product feasibility report.

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