About Us

We at Digituned are a digital-driven business consultant that helps startups to eliminate the key business challenges and stay in the market.  We provide business guidance and consulting to startups for business growth and improvement.

With our 40 years of business experience, we help startups achieve a competitive edge over others. Our consulting solutions will help organizations to make positive impact on the industry. Our aim is to make our client to be sustainable and scalable. We leverage a hybrid of strategy, and tools to identify opportunities, that will build a successful business roadmap.

Debashis Behera

17 years of digital transformation experience.

Key areas:

  • Mentoring and leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • Growth hacking
  • Digital transformation
  • Idea evaluation
  • Strategic and business development

Our co-founder & CEO Mr. Debashis Behera, a serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience has distinct expertise in strategic consulting, sales growth, mentoring, and leadership. He is an ex-cofounder of Fugenx and many other ventures including US and Europe.

Manish Ray

23 years of experience in marketing communication and digital marketing

Key areas:

  • Marketing communication
  • Digital marketing
  • Growth hacking
  • Digital consulting
  • Business mentoring

Co-founder Mr. Manish Ray, an entrepreneur has over 23 years of experience in digital marketing and marketing communication. His sole purpose is to help small medium business (SMB) and start-ups to overcome patchiness of marketing and burst genuine business outcomes into flames. He is an enthusiastic and keen communicator with strong instructive skill, leadership quality, and digital marketing management skills.

How our four pillars will sustain your business

Our company focuses on the aspects relating to Team, Vendor, Funding, and Client. The four pillars are as follows:
  • Team: We will work as a team and drive your business to help you sustain in the market for a long period.
  • Vendor: We will discover the best vendors for the business operation thereby providing vendor-related assistance under one roof
  • Funding: We will try to find our best angel investors for funding your company so that your company not only gets a start but an investor who is willing to take the company to the moon
  • Client: We will fine-tune with the sales and marketing team and their business ecosystem to get more clients thereby increasing the customer base.


Digituned is mainly concentrated on startup consulting and goal is to help 1,000 startups to run their business successfully at a global level, by the year 2030.


Our mission is to provide startups and entrepreneurs with everything that they require to expand their business in any corner of the world. We do that by creating intense support and by creating a diverse and professional global team while making a positive impact in the community where we belong.

We give you reasonable and executable proposals to help you settle on the best choices for the effective development of your business and its global extension in South Asia, The USA, The UK, UAE, and Europe.