Startups! Stay Digitally Tuned!

We are here for solutions not for solace.
Partner with a global consulting partner that can envisage your dream, emerge technology, and transform your business digitally.

Startups! Stay Digitally Tuned!

We are here for solutions not for solace.
Partner with a global consulting partner that can envisage your dream, emerge technology, and transform your business digitally.

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ROI-Driven Global Startup Consulting Firm

DigiTuned (DT) is one of the top global startup consulting firms that helps startups and entrepreneurs to achieve their business growth with our bespoke startup consulting services including business assessment, innovative business model, startup perseverance mechanism, sales strategy, brand building, and ROI.

Starting a new business can be thrilling, however to make it success and scalable you need a consultant who can add significant value to your organization, keep away from failures, and eventually structuring your business for a long-term establishment.

Our startup consultation is specially designed for budding entrepreneurs, who have great business idea but do not have proper plan to take it further. We provide customized startup consulting services that can show a clear path and right direction to yield profit.

Our core members have acquired more than 40 years of staggering experience and knowledge in different areas achieved from multinational companies.
Debashis Behera

CEO and Co-founder
Three times Deloitte winner

By 2030, we will help 1000 startups to run their business successfully by leveraging our expertise in digital transformation, strategic thinking, and mentoring. 

Let us help you with our international exposure. We help to increase:


Business Increase


Profit Margin


Employee Performance


Project Execution


Customer Satisfaction


Employee Commitment

Common Startup Challenges For Entrepreneurs

A famous proverb by Franklin D. Roosevelt “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” is a perfect fit for startup world. Challenges are all over the place and it is no exception for startup. Additionally, due to digital paradigm swing, these challenges become more vulnerable for startups.

We understand startup owners are serious, customer-centric, creative, and result-oriented, however with this amount skill set is not adequate to confront the challenges. You need precise guidance from experts who can really envisage and keep you on right track.

Here are top Startup challenges

  • Around the globe, 90% of startups could not celebrate their first anniversary
  • Around 80% of companies fail while trying to accelerate the growth
  • 70% of companies fail post merger and acquisition

From the above data, it proves that there is a serious gap and we must work towards filling this gap. DigiTuned is established to fine-tune all these gaps and take the startups and companies in growth path.

Why you need startup consulting

At the beginning everything seems to be working well, but then you start pondering, why your business is not performing well. Is your business is on right track? You start thinking for help. This is where, startup consultants join you, lend their expertise, and reinforce your business with sheer support.

  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Mentor you with niche-based market research
  • Robust planning to grow your sales and revenue
  • Provide you honest and unbiased feedback
  • Update your organization with technology enablement
  • Fine tune your organization digitally

Our startup Consulting Services
Startup consulting
Our 40 years of management experience would help you achieve your goal by leveraging our customized consulting services including digital transformation, sales planning, innovative business model, mergers and acquisitions, international marketing, brand positioning, and team mentoring.
Product development consulting
From scratch to finish, our product development consultants work diligently to meet the market demand. The product being an integral part of business, we develop new product innovation framework that includes market research, cost analysis, risk calculation, promotion, and resource allocation.
Sales and marketing consulting
We help startups to excel in their sales and marketing wing through our consulting capabilities. Our sales and marketing consulting capabilities span over customer experience, market trends, brand positioning, digital channel, product value proposition, and sales force acceleration.
Overseas expansion consulting
Being a global consulting partner, it is our accountability to expand your business internationally. We deeply understand the international culture, consumer preferences, and demand. Based on this, we endeavor on your target market, market penetration, demand generation, global brand, and cost.

Digital delivery
Marketing Automation
Let our marketing automation solutions streamline your marketing ecosystem and empower your organization to automate multiple tasks involved in ROI, sales, CRM, demand generation, lead nurturing, and marketing alignment.
Digital Marketing
With our digital marketing solutions, we help you to drive your growth, meet ROI, and build up the in-house digital skill to widen your digital marketing mastery. Our 360 degree digital marketing solutions help in growth hacking, content marketing strategy, and marketing mix.
Idea evaluation matrix
Great business ideas work, if it is evaluated at greater level, tested and taken final conclusion before you launch. With our idea evaluation matrix you will get best assessment through six-level filter such as customer, product/service, cost, timing, and competition.

Get Ready to Start Your Startup Growth Journey.

Our consultants will guide you.

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